Fake Weight Loss Claims: I Hate ‘Em

I know, I know. It’s been FOREVER since I last posted. A lot has been going on in my life in the past year, and a lot of planning has been going on in my head about where I want my future to go. I won’t say too many details yet, but I’m working on starting my own business — and very soon. So I’m also currently figuring out where exactly I want to go with this blog.

But I still want to have it! So today I’m just going to write about something I’m very passionate about. And angry about.

I really can’t stand how much money some weight loss companies make from completely bogus, unscientific claims. And earlier this week I came across one so elaborate that I just have to talk about it.

THIS site: http://womenshealthweekly.org/cambogiafb2.php

fake weight loss claim

It’s a “review” written about some product called Garcinia Cambogia, and the article is supposedly written by a staff reporter of this website/magazine, which is apparently called Women’s Health. There is a real magazine by this name, but their website is womenshealthmag.com, not the womenshealthweekly.org that is this site. It LOOKS like a real site, but click on any of the links and you are sent to a pdf of the Garcinia Cambogia product.

These people are posing as a legitimate magazine to trick buyers into thinking this is a product that has been tested by a health magazine writer and given her unreal results. They are not only being deceitful and dishonest, but this is cruel.

We are surrounded by food, and the easiest to find is processed, sugar-laden, high-fat, low-fiber… crap. Until you are informed about what foods are health-promoting and how to make them a normal part of your diet/life, finding your healthy weight feel like be constant, painful, failing fight. And antics like what this company is pulling are just feeding the desperation that comes with feeling helpless over one’s weight. It really, really bothers me that there are so many products like this allowed to be sold.

Friends, let me tell you that it has been proven that there is no secret pill. There is no ONE move or method or food or “trick” that is going to make your weight “melt off like it was butter,” as this article claims.

The answer is healthy foods and education, NOT quick weight loss products. A whole foods, plant-based diet will give you all of the great, healthy stuff you need to nourish your body while also eliminating the junk and fillers in meat, dairy, and processed foods that is getting in the way of us being our most healthy selves. It’s really as simple as that. And the more people who are aware of this, the less these companies will make off of a scam.

Let’s spread health and positivity to better our world, not phony rip-offs just to make a buck.

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